Board member: Christelle Cornelius 

Christelle is the adoring mother of two young girls. She is also an occupational therapist who graduated from the University of the Western Cape, in 1999 and started her professional career at Groote Schuur Hospital.

In 2004, Christelle joined the NGO world and served in various roles from developing programmes for Older Persons in community day facilities, to managing the Health Department, rendering community health facilities, and in the latter years overseeing all the departments of an NGO as the Programme Director.

In 2017, she became part of the leadership of community-based health care organizations and supported the organizational development with the board and management team, after a time of leadership change. In 2020, she took on the role of CEO at St Joseph’s Home for chronically Ill children.

Says Christelle: “In my early years as a representative working in vulnerable communities, being immersed in the development of DSA, also created opportunities for access to Older persons living in Vulnerable communities. Whilst this remains a heart gaol in recent years, it has also been the ability to use the learnt skills and competencies of leading organisations and understanding governance and accountability that is required in the Non-profit sector.”