Executive Director, Board member and volunteer: Karen Borochowitz

Karen has a background in the corporate environment, marketing, PR, production and pharmaceuticals. She is also an experienced property developer. Her focus since 2002 has been dementia, due to her mother’s diagnosis in 1992. Karen supported her father Peter in caring for her mother, until he passed away in 2022. Karen’s mother passed away in 2011, after living with dementia for 21 years.

Karen is passionate about dementia care and the aged. She is a philanthropist, assisting many individuals and community projects. She has been involved in two published research projects, on for the SA Medical Journal. She serves on the Boards of two local NGO’s and is a mentor to those starting out in the NGO field. She is a regular guest on national radio, TV and magazines, making sure change is brought to how we engage with and perceive the aged in South Africa.