September was a busy month for DementiaSA


At DementiaSA, we were very busy celebrating in September:

Internally, we held our Strategy Planning Workshop on 16 September. This year we had the privilege to be guided by Brian Brougham-Cook, Managing Director of Goals4U. The strategic planning highlighted the focus on increasing use of technology in our programmes and ensuring that monitoring and evaluation are a key part of our interventions. The day examined all the challenges and obstacles faced by the team as well as how we plan to best overcome them in a manner that uses international best practice. Our next steps will be to solidify the five year strategic plan for DementiaSA, which we look forward to sharing with all our supporters.

This was possibly the greatest celebration the team could have undertaken for Dementia awareness, because we are only a healthy organisation and able to assist in change, if we are an organisation with a common vision and a heart that beats as one.

On 21 September, DementiaSA hosted a mid-morning tea to show appreciation for carers and family members of persons living with Dementia.

Despite the rain, the event was well attended. Karen spoke about Dementia and thanked the carers for their exceptional work. We were entertained by the Vaudeville Companions and wow, what a show! The Vaudeville companions are a group of senior citizens who travel to different residential facilities to entertain older persons.

Each guest was given a gift pack and an activity blanket to take home. The activity blankets were made by Tracey Stotesbury and a group of volunteers. Thank you so much Tracey and friends, for your contribution!

We would just like to thank our donors, Pick N Pay, Ryan Epstein and everyone else that made the event so special.

We rounded off September with a very special competition.

DementiaSA is giving the chance to win a personalised recipe book to one lucky supporter. All you need to do is send us the recipe that holds a very special memory for you, include a picture and tell us why it is so special. You can win a recipe book, including your family recipe, laid out and printed beautifully. What an exception family heirloom this will make.

The competition entries have been extended until 30 November, so please do email or message us your entries on Facebook.