Thank you IQRAA for the support


DementiaSA relies solely on donations for support.

DementiaSA is a charity organisation working in South Africa to promote the care and support of people living with dementia, their carers and family members. We believe that every person touched by this disease is worth of support and strive to support those in lower income groups or disadvantaged circumstances in particular.

Our work is funded solely by donations. Even our volunteers (huge thanks to them!) receive a stipend for their petrol and communication costs. To this end, we are constantly fundraising and looking for ways to gather support. We are hugely grateful to our funders and donors.

DementiaSA provides psychosocial support, awareness and advocacy for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in South Africa

Without you we are completely unable to continue our work for advocacy and support for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, their family members and carers.

In 2020 our funding was even further reduced by the shift in focus to COVID-19 programmes. It also meant that our training income was reduced to zero as our trainings could not take place in our offices as they had previously.

With these challenges in mind, we approached the IQRAA Trust for support with our costs. They conducted a thorough investigation into our workings, financial and HR controls and deemed DementiaSA a worthy candidate to receive support.

We are so grateful to be a recipient of this donation from IQRAA.

Our fundraising work persists.

If you are a funder or know of a fund manager who is looking for charities with proven track records to support, please contact us on

If your family is touched by dementia and you wish to join one of our virtual support groups, please email us on

Our helpline works 24/7 and our trained social workers are waiting for your call. We can assist in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu. Please contact us if you need support on 0860 636 679.

Dementia Needs Action Now!