We are always there to help


Need urgent help? Has your mother’s dementia suddenly taken a bad turn? Expert assistance is at hand with our National Helpline 24/7. DementiaSA runs a 24-hour helpline 365 days a year and employs a team of part-time and full-time social workers. What’s more, the service is free.

We encourage readers to use the service on our national helpline 0860  636 679. During the day you will get through to our offices in central Cape Town, and during the evening or night the call is sent to one of our social workers on duty. If necessary, they will refer the enquirer to a specialist.

Our motto is: “We’re always there to help along the way”. This is borne out by the fact that people have used the expression “the fog has cleared” after using the service and received advice, particularly if Alzheimer’s Disease is involved.

One in particular said: ‘For me, the medication has helped a lot – it’s lifted the fog.”

Another said: “It was a relief to get the diagnosis. The worst was not knowing.”

Praising her early diagnosis, one woman said she and her family had been given the chance to change their lifestyle to match her capabilities.

She emphasized it was a relief to be able to make definite plans for the future.