DementiaSA is a donor-driven organisation. We exist on funding received from donor organisations and individuals.

DementiaSA fulfils a vital role in the South African public health environment. We provide critical care and support to people living with dementia, their family, care-givers and professional carers. We are also the only SETA-accredited dementia training organisation in the country.

Our helpline is available 24/7 nationwide on 0860 636 679. We have three fulltime social workers, who assist on the helpline and with families and individuals who require assistance, support and intervention.

Our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide vital information and community to people living with dementia, family members, carers and professionals in healthcare.

And this is to name but a few of our important missions.

In 2021, we hope to expand our roles even further, into community outreach work in communities that need it most.

Our task is huge.

But we can’t do it without your assistance. Individual and donor organisation funding is vital to keeping our doors open and our hearts and minds committed to our vision of providing dementia support in South Africa.

In this difficult time, please support us through a once-off or monthly donation.

You can donate via a number of payment options, including snapscan and

Please consider adding us to your will and creating a living legacy to your loved one. You can contact Karen directly, to set this up at

Thank you for your kind consideration of our needs.