Loving Care With A Therapeutic Benefit

Peggy Watson, Nancy Shadowens

A unique approach that is improving the lives of people suffering from dementia, this book speaks directly to caregivers who have the daily responsibility for a loved one who may be demonstrating what many term as odd or inappropriate behavior.


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About this book

Caregivers finally have a book that speaks directly about managing behaviors such as rummaging, anxiety, decreased communication, confusion, apathy, repetitive questioning, paranoia, aggression, memory loss and declining mobility. By design, this book provides simplified, straightforward, step-by-step guidance to learn successful strategies for providing loving care with a therapeutic benefit. The authors are practicing speech-language pathologists and experts in therapeutic interventions and strategies to manage dementia induced behaviors. Dementia: Loving Care is not a book about drugs and research for the cure. It is about teaching caregivers how to manage dementia induced behaviors.

This book includes descriptions of many dementia induced behaviors accompanied by helpful suggestions. Learn about ‘staging’ and why this is a critical piece to the puzzle surrounding behavior management. This information is the key to providing the caregiver with a realistic expectation (vs. unrealistic expectation) of what their loved one has the capacity to accomplish.