DementiaSA ambassadors spread the message at biker rally

DementiaSA would like to introduce you to our amazing brand ambassadors Bradley Fortuin and Trevor Abrahams, who drive for dementia at various biker rallies.

Dementia and those affected have many friends in the biking fraternity, and the Brand Ambassadors for DementiaSA were well received when they were introduced at the CMA Rally and distributed some brochures.

Bradley Fortuin, who was at the rally, said he chose to partner with DementiaSA because he wanted to make a difference by touching people’s lives.

He pointed out that CMA is also a Motorcycle Ministry. “If God can use Trevor Abrahams and I, it would be pleasing to my heart, because for me it’s the awareness and support for the family and, most importantly, the person with dementia.”

Trevor said it had been an amazing awakening for him to attend his first Dementia Awareness course. “My grandmother was a dementia sufferer and lived with me and now it’s my mom who is diagnosed with an aggressive type of dementia. She also lives with me.

“This time around I wanted to be more prepared to firstly cope with this disease and also be a better help to my mom.

“Also, I thought I could spread the word about what I would come to know about those who could need that help, especially among the biking fraternity.

“We did a little promo about dementia awareness at the CMS Rally and going forward, we would like to broaden our presence at these rallies – Bradley has some good thoughts about this – and hence spread the awareness wherever we go.

“Lots of people have heard the term dementia and they know of someone, through conversation, who has family or friends with dementia. I met someone the other day whose family member was diagnosed with dementia at 47 years young.”

If you are a biker and attend rallies, please look out for our Ambassadors.

We would like to encourage all readers to get involved and help us spread the word about DementiaSA and what we do.

Feel free to invite us to your events, church meetings or any awareness opportunity you may have that would allow us to educate people about dementia.